Embracing OpenTF: Our Commitment to Open Source and Terraform

Fri, Aug 18, 2023
Embracing OpenTF: Our Commitment to Open Source and Terraform | Improwised Technology

At Improwised Technologies, we've always been passionate about leveraging open-source technologies to drive innovation and efficiency in our projects. Our latest step in this journey involves embracing the OpenTF manifesto, a community-led initiative in response to the recent licensing changes made by HashiCorp for its flagship products, including Terraform.

The Open Tf Manifesto

Why Terraform Matters to Us

Terraform has been an integral part of our infrastructure management toolkit. Its declarative approach and ability to provision and manage infrastructure as code have empowered us to scale our projects seamlessly. Whether it's setting up complex cloud environments or managing multi-cloud deployments, Terraform's flexibility and robustness have been invaluable to our operations.

License Change: Impact and Alignment

While the recent licensing changes by HashiCorp have prompted discussions across the tech community, we believe that our usage of Terraform is unlikely to be significantly affected. The nature of our projects and how we employ Terraform align well with the licensing terms.

This brings us to the OpenTF manifesto, a collective effort by like-minded organizations and individuals to advocate for open-source values. We resonate strongly with the manifesto's principles of transparency, collaboration, and community-driven development. By signing the manifesto and supporting the OpenTF movement, we're reinforcing our commitment to a vibrant and accessible open-source ecosystem.

Our Pledge

We're proud to announce our support for the OpenTF initiative. As a company that values open technology and collaboration, we see this as an opportunity to stand together with a diverse community that shares our ethos. Our commitment to using and contributing to open-source projects like Terraform remains unwavering.

Our adoption of Terraform, our alignment with OpenTF, and our dedication to transparent and inclusive technology solutions all exemplify our mission to drive positive change in the tech world.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey with Terraform and the OpenTF community!


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